ZomBe is a experience and fundraising platform for a new generation of donors. We give everyone a chance to dream big and win once-in-a-lifetime prizes while helping to make the world a better place. This sustainable approach to fundraising means that nonprofits can spend less time and money working as event planners to raise funds, and instead can focus on serving the needs of their communities.

Win Your Dream & Make their Dream - Together we create realities!

Nonprofits are no longer held back by relying on expensive galas and outdated methods to reach their goals. Instead partnering with ZomBe they find there fundraising goals met through are downer's.


Zombe started with a zombie Race the week before Halloween giving opportunity for to participate in a fun event and then have the option to redeem prizes or enter drawings online. Making it more feasible to win by creating a equal opportunity to win.

ZomBe active events are opportunities available online, in person, and you didn’t need a ton of money to win them. More people could participate, which means we could raise a lot more money for nonprofits.


Fund raising goal

$100 million dollars for charity in a year

Be the Reason

Your support and contributions will enable

nonprofits to make real changes. Every little bit counts!

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